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Automatic Operators

We fit, repair and service Seip Automatic Operators.

We are called to different makes of broken Automatic Operators every day so we know which ones fail and which don’t! The Seip has proved itself to be the most reliable operator we have come across in twenty five years. They are a German engineered product with fabulous build quality. We know they are not the cheapest in the market place but their reliability, efficiency and longevity means they are now the only Automic Operator we offer. We think they are the ‘cats pyjama’s.

We can fit new Automatic Operators to most existing double and single sized garage doors, you don’t always need a new door!

All Operators fitted by us have a five year warranty.

If you already have a Seip, we can help with repairs and servicing.

We are a Seip approved installer and supported direct by the manufacturer. Seip (UK) has closed due to retirement.

Feedback from Customers

“Excellent, arrived early, door fixed and works better than new.”

“Arrived on time, carried out excellent repair and service. Door operation now better than when installed.”
“The man arrived exactly when they said he would, very polite, explained what was wrong with the door. Even though it was in quite a bad state it was still repaired for the original price quoted. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company.”

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